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Next is pure Keravel inspiration. His style is colorful and rich, revealing deep harmonic and melodic textures. On the menu, 15 new titles blending the likes of jazz, electronic and progressive rock. This CD is experimental music at its best; improvised, skillfully mixing traditional and original instruments, amplifying the echoes of unexpected sounds. Keravel’s music has movie-like characteristics, evoking dreamy and captivating atmospheres that invite the listener on an interior voyage. Clearly, this new CD strikes with its audacity and originality. Those who have not yet explored Keravel's musical universe will find this album to be the ideal point of entry. Next is a musical odyssey transcending boundaries, a feast for all music lovers. Serge called on Pierre Messier at Studios Piccolo for mixing and mastering of the album. Next is produced under the Kassure Productions record label and distributed by Interdisc.